Grand Paris Express
- Designing furniture for the largest transport project in Europe -
Junior Desiner / Engineer
at Patrick Jouin iD
Société du Grand Paris
With 68 new train stations and 200km of new metro lines, the Grand Paris Express is expected to serve 2 million passengers a day. Patrick Jouin's consultancy was designated to design all the furniture that would populate this new network.

The furniture is not limited to just seating and benches and is comprised of many different products :

Furniture: Seatings, fire-extinguisher housings, trash cans, help points.
Passengers information: Wall and self-supporting signages (static and dynamic), emergency exit signs, ticketing equipments, help and information desks.
Passengers flow: Gatelines, Platform screen doors, lighting equipments, lifts (interior and exterior), escalators.

Despite each and every station having its own architectural approach and identity, the furniture has to stay a constant, blending in and showing the unity in the new transport network.  All the objects and products have an impact on the space, and have been conceived as clean, smooth and ergonomically as possible. Being part of the team that worked on this massive project, I worked on the design of the products, but also on the technical development part, making sure that the design intent was feasible and respected along the way.

More information: Patrick Jouin's website
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